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Focus on Test Services
Welcome at the website of FLEXITY CONSULTING the most diverse test consultancy agency in The Netherlands under its motto: quality above quantity. Besides information about the organization and the services does the site also provide information about Quality Assucrance within the information technology.

Flexity is a self learning organisation, its employees are the most important work capital. That's why the organisation emphasizes a personal development of its professionals.

The link Flexity's Infotainment offers tests for IQ and EQ measurements in addition to news and columns.

Accepting any challenge
FLEXITY is an independent IT agency specialized in testing software and information systems. Its service is directed towards the effective realisation of software and towards an optimal functioning information flow process. In addition to testing is the organization also focussing on auditing and benchmarking (in the IT), security and Test tools.

Flexity deploys skilled test engineers, test analists and test coordinators to both (semi-)government organisations as well as commercial businesses.

Flexity's activities range from placement of personnel to carrying entire test processes as well as to test education and test consultancy, making use of the latest developments and views.
Getting the job done
Its broad expertise enables Flexity to carry out projects succesfully for a wide scala of business sectors and government organisations, ranging from banks to ministries to large retail organizations.

Flexity deploys its professionals either directly to clients or indirectly through cooperating with major well-known IT companies and intermediairies. Flexity professionals currently run projects at the following organisations: ♦ ABN AMRO Amsterdam ♦ Belastingdienst Apeldoorn (Tax) ♦ CAK Den Haag ♦ Chess IT Haarlem ♦ Cordares Amsterdam ♦ CZ Groep Tilburg ♦ Fortis Rotterdam ♦ ING Nationale Nederlanden Den Haag ♦ Triodos Bank Zeist

We cooperate with
Flexity as service provider cooperates closely with a number of intermediairies which, as preferred suplier,  are specialized in mediation and deployment of temporary personnel for large organizations. Making use of their network enables Flexity to regularily deploy test professionals to clients of these intermediairies.

In 2003 became Flexity member of the LYNC Information and Technology Group in 2003, in order to be able to provide its services as adequately as possible. Not only do all members make use of each others expertise, they also share the same back office facilities in Soesterberg.

Flexity aims to bring its QA services to the highest level and has therefore started strategic alliances with major suppliers of test tools, test methods and test techniques.


Flexity Test Approach

Consulting & Delivering