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FLEXITY is an independent IT agency specialized in testing software and information systems. Its service is directed towards the effective realisation of software and towards an optimal functioning information flow process. In addition to testing is the organization also focussing on auditing and benchmarking (in the IT), security and Test tools.

Flexity deploys skilled test engineers, test analists and test coordinators to both (semi-)government organisations as well as commercial businesses.

Flexity's activities range from placement of personnel to carrying entire test processes as well as to test education and test consultancy, making use of the latest developments and views.
Core business of FLEXITY CONSULTING is test consulting and quality assurance and is aiming at:
  • Successful implementation of software
  • Improveming information systems
  • Optimal efficiency of electronic information supply

To ensure successful realisation, FLEXITY operates in the following fields:

  • Testing Software & Information Systems: White and blackbox testing
  • Auditing, Benchmarking & Inspecting IT Environments : periodical check ups to test if informations systems and/or (automated) business processes meet the required specifications
  • Training and deployment of flexity professionals
  • Offer courses to clients in order to improve test knowledge

Flexity Test Approach

Consulting & Delivering