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tproj.jpgFlexity offers test capacity through temporal placement of test professionals, and has the expertise carry out both entire test processes as well as project based tests.

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SET UP Clients have the option to have a test project be executed at their own venue or (for some part) at the home office of flexity in Soesterberg. It sometimes can be more efficient to outsource a test project and Flexity has the means to carry out a variety of tests at its home office. Projects can be accepted based on fixed price, fixed date and fixed quality.

EXECUTION A test plan is essential for a structured and well executed test project. Flexity has the experience to develop test plans. Test consultants will first study and map the test assignment after which they determine a test strategy and create a test plan. The test plan contains issues as test organisation, test environment, standards, test methods and test techniques. There will also be a planning for the tasks that are to be carried out.

DELIVERY Only good test management can make a test project successful. Test management is in most organizations delegated to a representative of the user organization. However, not all representatives have test experience and/or does not have the time to give full attention to the test project. Flexity as independent agency is able to help out by giving support to the test management.

OVERVIEW PROJECTS In the past 5 years has Flexity carried out a large number of test projects, under supervision of its two founders. Flexity has developed its own test approach in order to fulfill test assignments even more adequately. Applying this concept enables Flexity to accept test assignments independent from location, branche, method or technology. Within the organisation does Flexity have the knowledge for functional, technical, performance and migration oriented tests.


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